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What have you done for your group lately?

By: Kathy Kane

You may belong to many groups and you may have joined each one for various reasons. Most groups have the same challenges these days, retaining active members and engaging members. Many business join a group to just be listed in the group directory or web site. But the days of joining and hoping for the best simply no longer will work unless a business is so large that they have only joined for name recognition.

I use a formula for every group that I join. I will not join unless I have dedicated the time to be active. Read more »

What Can Getting Healthy Do For your Business?

Join the Healthy Trenton Facebook Group and find out!

Businesses in Trenton, MI  can join the groups first event June 13 and promote their healthy business actvities.

One business is doing this for example

What are you finding on-line about your business?

We can help! Click here

Facebook Business Page-10 point Check up

  1. Reporters are searching business pages for stories. Think of posts that will give enough content for an article.  At least once a week tell how you helped a customer or promote an upcoming event or special.
  2. Ask for testimonials! These are powerful when others (not you!) say what a great experience they had with your business.
    Read more »

How Can You Help Your Facebook Group Grow?

  1. Like Stuff! By simply “liking” the posts in the group you are sharing info with your friends helps build exposure
  2. Share group with your friends- You can share on your timeline to everyone or individually in a message. Read more »

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