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Yelp is The Top Marketing Tool for Our Clients This Week!

Yelp reviews are super for good clients, but not so super for those businesses who tend to get bad reviews because there is nothing you can do about them except respond professionally and ask others to keep posting good stuff about you.

Just search your business and if you have a YELP review you see how high it ranks in the search. So keep asking for good reviews, they help get your business out there in ways that are amazing. Make sure you first check your business on www.yelp.com.  Go here for step by step instructions. Read more »

Facebook Page Changes May Effect How Your Business is Viewed

Make sure to double check these items if you use Facebook pages for your business. Because of the Facebook updates and new offerings, you want to make sure your business is optimized to attract potential customers.

1. Choose the right category for your business- this helps potential clients find you more easily. Read more »

Marketing “Must Do’s” for 2015!

For our clients, we try to make it real simple so that their Marketing Plans will actually be used on a monthly basis and actually be effective. Based on the goals of our clients, our concise plan of action is nothing more than a timeline and consistent tasks that produce results.

In our on-going target market research, we have based our media strategies on what today’s consumers are responding to. Keep these items in mind for a great response in 2015! Read more »

Are Your PR efforts working?

Here are three quick questions to ask after you send your next press release.

How many people did I get and how much traffic? If the goal was drive traffic to a web site or press release site:  Measure Unique visitors and Visits. Unique visitors is a rough count of the people on your site and Visits is the number of sessions they create. Google analytics can track this for you if you use the code on your web site, but services like PR log can also give you great tracking information if you create an account. Read more »

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Social Media Checklist

By: Market Insights, LLC

In our business of assisting clients make the most of their time and social media potential, we have come up with this updated guide that helps to focus on implementing their plan with ease. We hope this helps you to maximize your social media exposure in record time too.

Daily: 15-20 minutes

__Facebook (Plan your weekly posts, then just copy and paste daily post) We linked it to Twitter which then posts to Linkedin. Include pics, video, links, urls. (5 min)

__Switch your profile to your business. “Like” other businesses (that will post on your page) and comment on other timelines to share your page with others.   (5-10 min)

__ Share other businesses and friends posts (5 min)

Read more »

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