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Blogging tips for business.

If you own a business and think blogging might help with your SEO or as a tool for tips and bring customers to your site or your brick and motar store, you will need to answer these four questions to create an effective blog. 1. What kind of blog do you want? Will it be part of your site or will it be linked to your site? 2. What will you write about? 3. How will your optimize it? 4. How will you get the most out of your blog? Remember, it is either your time or  the cost of paying someone to do this for you.

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Downriver: Write Your Plan…Live Your Dream

Marketing is a lot like being a weather forecaster. If you predict it wrong, you can still get in there and make another prediction the following day. But how do you predict what your market is going to do? How do you predict what ads or promotions your target market will respond to? How do you predict the success of your business?

It is all up to you, the successful entrepreneur. If you prepare and plan for it, your goals will be achieved. If you write it down and consistently follow up, it will happen. If you build it, they will come. So many of this country’s successful businesses have been built on a dream, some hope and a shoestring budget, but the thing they all had in common was a plan.

A professor once told me to write down what my day would like in twenty years when I was only twenty-one. Do you know that in ten years of writing that story, ninety percent of what I predicted my life to be like, had happened. I was working my dream job, married to the man who I had thunk up and had the two children I wanted (only two boys instead of a boy and a girl). Read more »

Blogging for Business

Kathy Kane

Come find out how to create the best blog practices for your business! This will be a hands on program to update your blog with all the current tools available to help build SEO for your web site.

Presenter Kathy Kane will provide valuable information for businesses  looking for content for their blog and how to plan and execute a blog for maximum results.

Why Blogs For Business?

  • Cost is free— With word press “type” sites- If you  know your business and can write, you can blog!
  • Become the tipster — Consistent tips about your business will not only help in the search engines but will help show your leadership in the industry.
  • Viral effect — Write good stuff and they will share!
  • Need content? Find out how to create good content and then share your content in your social media posts
  • Archives—Use your blog to archive your content for future use or quick reference
  • SEO—Keywords, tags, links and more!

Blogging for biz jan 16.

Program Takes Place:  Wednesday January 27, 2016

Time: 8 a.m.– 10 a.m.

At: Executive Suites of Trenton -2836 W. Jefferson Trenton, MI 48183 –Conference Room

Make It Funny To Attract Gen Z

By Guest Blogger: Morgan Ciecko/DCTC Job Mentoring 2015

As a student and minor, social media plays a big role in today’s society. There are so many different types of social media, for example Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat,  that allow us to see what else is going on. I like to use these sources to connect with different things I enjoy seeing, and I like to see what’s all going on elsewhere.

I feel like social media plays a big role with businesses advertising their services. I’ve noticed on social media that there are plenty of businesses that are taking advantage of the opportunity to advertise, and I would like to see smaller businesses putting themselves out there more, to become something bigger.

I also would recommend that businesses stay tuned to the trending things that will catch an individual’s eye. There is always something new going on, and if one person sees an advertisement that caught their attention, that person could pass it on to another, then another, and eventually the business will be in good shape with customers. I also think that it’s very important for a business to interact with the community whether it be a contest or a giveaway on social media, because that will draw people in for their service.

Kids in my generation tend to like to laugh, so if a business is advertising on a source, don’t make it too serious. Make it fun and catchy, something that will become a trend. Social media isn’t going away anytime soon, so businesses need to take action now and learn to work with social media to promote themselves, and make people know who they are. It’s very important to connect with the media, just like I enjoy connecting to it every day.

Manage Your On-Line Rep!

Do it yourself or pay someone else to monitor it for you, but make sure to check out what your business says on these sites!

Step 1-Google Yourself

Step 2-check top 20 for accuracy

Step 3-Correct & Update!

The top sites to Track Monthly, Ask for Good Reviews and Remember to Update at least Yearly, quarterly is optimal.

___Yelp (Reviews, photos, add to content-keywords, create an account)

___Google Review (Reviews, photos, video add content-keywords)

___Yahoo Review (Reviews, photos, video add content-keywords)

___Facebook (Reviews, plus posting plan)

____Linkedin (Update posts, ask for reviews)

___Youtube (quarterly video, share and ask for reviews)

Google Ur Biz!

Upcoming program September 23. Limited seats, pers

Personalized relevant information for your business.

Call 734-676-9561 for more information.

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