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Instagram for Business

By Sean Nowak

Every business should consider that, after its foundation in 2010, Instagram was runner up for Best Mobile App, and its many features allowing for unique picture-taking and video-sharing support that notion.  With over 150 million active users, Instagram has quickly become one of the most recognizable social networking services. Read more »

Top 24 Ideas on what you should post on LinkedIn

Don’t make it all about the sell, be creative, be eye catching, be different and interesting!

  1. Company Trivia
  2. Industry News
  3. Your pictures
  4. Share others pictures
  5. Contest
  6. Share a video
  7. Share a motivational quote
  8. Share a relevant cartoon
  9. Share your blog
  10. Post a tip
  11. Share of list of things to avoid
  12. Relate something about your business with someone famous
  13. Share a community link
  14. Endorse someone
  15. Thank @ other company pages that you do business with
  16. Write a recommendation/review for another business as your page
  17. Share an event
  18. Share a friends blog
  19. Explain a service or product and how it will help your client
  20. Post a slideshow or powerpoint
  21. Ask for reviews
  22. Promote an active networker
  23. Ask a question
  24. Think about the last post you “liked” and why and come up with the next best viral Post!

Analyzing and Setting Up Google+ for Business

This is a great blog posted by Bill Faeth, enjoy!

When Google+ launched in 2011 social media users were skeptical. However the number of users who signed up to use the platform and the number of businesses who are already using it to reach out in a new and different way to potential customers is astounding. Read More

Girls Got Wine- Over 200 Ladies Who Want to Buy!

April 29 2014

The Trenton Rotary Club is gearing up for a second Girls Got Wine, a ladies’ night out for charity slated for 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, April 29, at the Westfield Activities Center. This is a great way to promote business to a captive and fun crowd.

The cost to attend is $25 in advance or $30 at the door (if available). Girls Got Wine organizers encourage you to get your tickets early as the event was sold out well in advance last year. Read More

There are two more food station sponsors and a few more vendor tables available call today 734-676-9561 ex. 2  Buy Tickets here

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Automatic Website Updates

When you’re running a business, it always seems as if there’s never enough time in a day. Whether you’re trying to pay the bills, go to meetings, or do work around the office, it feels like time is flying by.

With so much already on the plate of most business owners, updating your company’s website can often take a backseat. As we’ve covered over the last few blogs, the power of your website and the way you market it is limitless, and can do wonders for your business. Read more »

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