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Facebook Business Page 10 point Check up

Post your story!

Make sure you are doing these (FREE) things on your Faecbook buisness page for optimal results!

  1. Reporters are searching business pages for stories. Think of posts that will give enough content for an article.  At least once a week tell how you helped a customer or promote an upcoming event or special. Read more »

Marketing Tips

Many things are taken into effect with your website blog to be included in the search engines. So make sure your title has what you will be discussing in your article along with any geographical area you are hoping to capture.

So to practice what is good for business, I am making sure my keyword, “Marketing”is in my title page. For me geographical isn’t really important so I will leave that out.

They say to keep your sentances and short and to the point. This is a short sentence. In reference to your marketing blog checklist, make sure you state what you mean in the first paragraph. We are reviewing quick blog tips that can help in your website searches. The rest of the points here reflect our blogging checklist:

BLOG Marketing

This picture is labeled “marketing”.

The keyword is in this URL.

Here is an outbound link…check out this blog for great ideas, http://promostuff4u.com/blog/author/tim .

This is a word I have not used in a while… don’t telemarket, it’s irritating.

156 word in the meta description, got it!

Still working on 300 words, but  at least we are mobile friendly so that should help!

So to summarize the blog checklist:

  • Make sure your keywords are in the page title
  • Make shorter sentences with easier readability
  • Make the keyword appear in the first paragraph
  • Code /Label your pictures with keywords
  • Make sure your keyword appears in your URL
  • Use outbound links to reference keywords
  • Use various keywords for each blog
  • Link to other pages in blog referencing keywords Use at least 150 characters for your meta description
  • Lots of content, the more the better, 300 minimum words for best results!
  • And by the way Google has announced they are changing up their search results, again to include higher/varied ranking for mobile sites, so make sure yours site is mobile friendly!

Here is how to write a Yelp review for business

Some quick tips on why writing good reviews matter for local business.

Yelp Reviews For Business

Yelp is The Top Marketing Tool for Our Clients This Week!

Yelp reviews are super for good clients, but not so super for those businesses who tend to get bad reviews because there is nothing you can do about them except respond professionally and ask others to keep posting good stuff about you.

Just search your business and if you have a YELP review you see how high it ranks in the search. So keep asking for good reviews, they help get your business out there in ways that are amazing. Make sure you first check your business on www.yelp.com.  Go here for step by step instructions. Read more »

Facebook Page Changes May Effect How Your Business is Viewed

Make sure to double check these items if you use Facebook pages for your business. Because of the Facebook updates and new offerings, you want to make sure your business is optimized to attract potential customers.

1. Choose the right category for your business- this helps potential clients find you more easily. Read more »

Marketing “Must Do’s” for 2015!

For our clients, we try to make it real simple so that their Marketing Plans will actually be used on a monthly basis and actually be effective. Based on the goals of our clients, our concise plan of action is nothing more than a timeline and consistent tasks that produce results.

In our on-going target market research, we have based our media strategies on what today’s consumers are responding to. Keep these items in mind for a great response in 2015! Read more »

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